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#FreeRayshawn                                   Supporting Lead                Dir.- Sieth Mann

Magnificent 7                                        Supporting                         Dir.- Antione Fuqua

The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay 2     Principal                             Dir. Francis Lawrence

Divergent Series: Allegiant                    Principal                            Dir.- Robert Schwentke

Hot Summer Nights                               Supporting                        Dir.- Elijah Bynum

Cabin Fever 2                                        Supporting                        Dir.- Ty West

Tales of Halloween                                Supporting                         Dir.- John Skipp

The Passing                                          Supporting                         Dir.- John Harwood

Faded Memories                                   Supporting                         Dir.- Anne Sophie

Creating Discourse (Short)                    Lead                                  Dir.- Clint Litton

Paranormal (Short)                                Lead                                  Dir.- Lauren Timmons

Eventide (Short)                                     Lead                                  Dir.- Jason Toledo


Good Behavior                                    Recurring                             Dir.- Mikkel Norgaard/ TNT

Outcast                                                Recurring                             Creator- Robert Kirkman/ HBO

Quarry                                                  Recurring                             Dir.- Greg Yaitanes/ HBO

Robbie                                                 Guest Star                            Dir.- Paymen Benz/ Comedy Central

Hawaii 5-O                                           Guest Star                            Dir.- Jerry Levine/ CBS

Aquarius                                               Guest Star                           Dir. -Jonas Pate/ NBC

Criminal Minds                                     Co-star                                 Dir.- Kevin Berlandi/ ABC

The Detour                                           Co-star                                 Dir.- Steve Pink/ TBS

Mercy Street                                         Co-star                                 Dir.- Jeremy Webb/ PBS

The Worst Generation                          Series Regular                     Dir.- Thomas Blake/ MyDamnChannel.com

Off The Map                                          Recurring                             Dir. Shonda Rhimes/ ABC

Medium                                                 Co-star                                 Dir.- Aaron Lipstadt/ CBS

Numbers                                               Co-star                                 Dir.- Emilio Estevez/ CBS

Rockville                                               Co-star                                 Dir.- Josh Schwartz/ Warner Brothers

NCIS                                                     Co-star                                 Dir.- Tony Wharmby/ CBS


Point Break Live!                                   Roach                                  Dir.- Thomas Blake Jr/ LA, NYC, Vegas, SF

Terminator Too Judgment Play              Sarah Connor                      Dir.- Thomas Blake Jr/ LA, NYC, SF

Tom Gun LIVE                                       TJ Mackey                           Dir.- Thomas Blake Jr/ LA, SF, SD

Andy and Edie                                       Andy Warhol                        Chelsea Girl Productions/ NYC

A Weapon Most Unusual                      Roger Clark                          Murder Mystery Prods./ NYC

Hair                                                       Tribe                                      City Stage Wilmington, NC

Grease                                                  Eugene                                 Opera House Theater, Wilmington, NC

Alice in Wonderland                              Tweedle Dee                         UNC Wilmington

Sleepy Hollow                                       Ichabod Crane                       UNC Wilmington


2019 Toyota Tacoma - Break Alert System- CAMO GUY

Ford Eco Boost- 3 Spots as Dolph Lundgren's Assistant- Skateboard, Blender, Machine Pitch

Chappelle Show- Season 3 Promo- Skateboarder impersonating Rick James

Seroquel- Schizophrenic Man


-Two Year Full Time at HB Studios Acting Conservatory NYC

Including classes in: Scene Study, Technique, Movement, Mime, Improv, Clowning, Speech (Standard American, Dialects, Phonetics), Voice (Production, Singing, Speaking), Fencing (Rapier, Dagger, Broad Sword), Stage Combat (Hand to hand, Weapons, Falls)

- Scene Study with Clayton Rohner at The Barn Acting Studio

- Acting for Films and Commercials with David Cady from Donna Desetta Casting

- Junior at University of North Carolina at Wilmington Theater Department